Pink Petal Ballet - Sweet Pea Photography

A few years ago, my daughter started pre-school... it was SUCH a cute age and I remember meeting some new moms and making some wonderful friends at the time.  one in particular, whose daughter was so adorable, I couldn't WAIT to photograph.  imagine my delight when my phone rang a few weeks later and it was her mom, Alix, asking me to photograph her!  she came by for coffee, I took a few photos and we became fast friends.  for the past 13 years we have watched our kids grow up together, shared many a family summer vacation, as well as a few martinis on the deck... and she is still one of my best friends.  not only is she a super cool chick, she was (and still is!) a very talented ballet teacher.  I remember how much I absolutely adored dressing up my daughter in her pretty pink tutu and bringing her to Alix's classes and watching her dance around.  Alix's Pink Petal Ballet classes have become very popular and a highlight of the dance community here in North Vancouver... the best part is, for the past several years, I have had the great pleasure of photographing their end of the year performance. each year, it brings tears to my eyes to see these beautiful ballerinas with their smiling faces and their INCREDIBLE (handmade by Alix!) costumes.  this year was no different... except I also had the pleasure of watching her very talented daughter, Asha Diaz sing onstage while my own daughter, Maddi helped out backstage wrangling all the adorable little ballerinas.  I couldn't have been more proud of both of them... but mainly of my best friend, Alix and the incredible person she is.

here's a few of my favourite images from this year's performance, Circus!  if the cuteness overload isn't too much for you and you want more... feel free to check out this slideshow to watch the magic for yourself.

I hope you enjoy the photos!