singer songwriter, asha diaz

I have always said that one day, I will see this girl up on stage somewhere, accepting a major award... but for now she's just enjoying being a teenager.  a very talented teenager, mind you.  one who not only sings and plays piano, but writes her own music as well. I have had the pleasure of knowing Asha since she was a little girl, dancing around in her tutu with my daughter, Maddi... and it has been a blast watching her grow up into the fabulously talented girl she is today.  she has been performing and writing her own original music since she was eight years old, she even held court performing in Robson Square during the 2010 Olympics this February.  she followed up that success this summer by releasing her first CD, Jumpin' Off.

Asha's most recent endeavour is competing in CBC Radio's contest "Best High School Singer/Songwriter".  her vibe and her music reminds me of a young Sarah McLachlan and I know you would love her music... so, take a minute, have a listen and VOTE (between October 14 - 17th) at this link to help make Asha's dreams come true!