this summer has literally flown by... with gorgeous weddings and portrait shoots and even some precious vacation time snuck in there, I can't believe it is already August.  I just returned from a glorious week of fun with the family at a house in Pender Harbour.  not just any house, but a huge house, set on a cliff on the ocean with stunning views and spectacular sunsets.  we rented it with a few other families and together we all enjoyed long days of coffee on the deck, day trips to the beach, kayaking in the afternoon, huge feasts for dinner and then evenings spent leisurely watching the amazing meteor showers in the night sky.  it was a week to remember, for sure.  I wish I could share all of the beautiful photos from our week, but this one in particular caught my eye when I was uploading last night. we were coming back from the beach on our way to the rope swing, which was about 5 mins. from the house.  I'm having a blast driving my friend's convertible (I know, poor me!) and my daughter Maddi and her friend Asha are in the back seat complaining because they are in their bathing suits and the wind is too cold.  we quickly pull over and thrown them a few towels and a sweater from the trunk to put an end to the whining.  the rest of the drive, I keep looking at Maddi in the rear view mirror to make sure she's okay.  she has this old brown sweater pulled up tight and her hair is blowing like a banshee all over the place and I can't help but notice how unbelievably beautiful she is.  first thing I did when we stopped at the rope swing was take her photo to capture the moment.

and then it was gone.


I hope you're enjoying your summer as much as I am.