road trip, anyone?

ONE when I was a kid, I loved a good road trip.  getting in the car and driving, the road in front of you and no particular place to be... now that I HAVE a kid, I love a road trip even more!  what a great way to get away and have fun and explore.  my daughter and I took off for 10 days over Spring Break and flew into San Francisco.  what a gorgeous city!  so much to see and do... our plan was to spend a few days doing the tourist thing and then rent a car and drive south on the scenic Pacific Coast Highway and see where it took us.  but first, San Fran!



between shopping and sightseeing and sleeping and eating, we rode the cable cars and even visited Alcatraz.  we soaked up the feel of the city on the streets of San Francisco.  although I have to say, Haight Ashbury was quite a trip... in more ways than one!


stopping to stock up on tunes for the road trip portion was also a must... and what do you know?  we just happened to find a great music store in the neighbourhood.


stay tuned for the second, and more scenic part of the trip!  so many photos, way too many to choose from...