kind words


Lori, you captured some of the most incredible moments, we are in total awe. It was so wonderful to relive our day. The slideshow is beautiful Lori, as are all the pictures.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
You are incredibly talented,
Sarah & Brent


Lori –
We received the slideshow and photo gallery from Sarah and Brent yesterday.  

You are a remarkable talent.  My wife and I and our immediate and extended family are very fortunate to be associated with you and Sweet Pea Photography.  We have been indulged.  It was the most amazing day of my life and now I have the images forever.
If I can reciprocate in any way please let me know.
Again, Lori, thank you and best regards,
Tom Wyndels
(Father of the Bride)

Hi Lori!

I’ve just gone through all of the pictures for the first time and have to say, you are SO TALENTED!!!  I’ve never seen anything like these photos before!  The photos are “alive”, they make us feel we are at our big day again and I feel so touched, especially when I see my Mom wiping her tears away… all of our families love the photos as well!  My parents and I have watched the slideshow together and they said some of their emotions they haven’t even seen before as they have never had photos like these taken, so they are very shocked with how amazing your photos are!  These photos made me miss all of my bridesmaids so much, they are not in the same country as me now so these photos are really one of the most important things I’ll want to keep!

Lori, thank you so much for being such a wonderful and important part of my wedding!!!

Best regards,

Christy & Peter


Absolutely amazing.  Your work reflects who you are... awesome!  I just can't tell you how happy Stephanie and I are that you photographed our wedding.  We are so glad that we were referred to you because you captured the spirit of the day, not just the look of it.  Thank you so much for keeping the day alive for us.  As weird as it sounds, I can't get enough of watching the slideshow you put together for us and looking at the photos.  

Thank you once again and if you ever need an endorsement you know where to get it.

Travis & Stephanie

Dear Lori,
Lori! Thank you SOOOOOOOOO much for the best part of the wedding we could have ever asked for! We were so blown away!! I waited for Ian to come home and we watched the slideshow and looked at our photos together. It was like our wedding day all over again, and now they will stay in our memories forever thanks to your wonderful and hard work. Our parents watched them a million times and so did we. Our families in the UK that could not make it to the wedding especially enjoyed the slideshow and they are very grateful for all your hard work in putting it together... I especially LOVED the songs you chose for us. They really touched my heart. I don't know how to thank you enough.

We are truly grateful to have found you and got to know you Lori. You created such a heartfelt lifetime of memories for us and for all our friends and family. We wish to keep in touch with you for many years to come... we can't wait to come back to work with you when we have babies one day.

Thank you so very much <3

Lauren & Ian

Hi Lori!

I was just thinking about you and figured it would be a few more weeks still!  Speedy work, wonder woman!  You will be happy to hear I managed to wait all day until Will got home at 10 pm before we watched the slideshow, which was so special!  "Just like it was yesterday" as Will said. You captured all the feelings of the day in such a beautiful and genuine way, I am so thrilled that we hired you (not like there was any doubt:)) and, for sure you will be hearing from us in the coming years as we document other special moments.  You really captured so many spectacular shots, even Will was impressed with the photos of himself!

Thank you for all your hard work and for getting bossy when necessary :)


Emma & Will


We watched the slideshow together last night and it is AMAZING, it completely brought back the entire day for us both. THANK YOU!

You are so amazingly talented and your photos are stunning. You managed to capture every little moment throughout the day and that is exactly what we had hoped and what we had wanted.

The slideshow of images brought tears to my eyes! I had to watch it 3 times in a row!!!  Our parents LOVE it, and so does absolutely everyone else. Thank you for giving us something we can share with those who weren't able to be at our wedding.


Erin & Jeff