About Lori


photo by Ilia Horsburgh

I’ve never been good at writing these “About” pages.  I would much rather sit down with you over coffee, talk about life, and hear about you and your story.  As my Dad always said, “you learn a lot more by listening, Sweet Pea, than you do by talking.”

But, here goes.  For starters, I feel pretty lucky to have such a unique job… as a photographer I have seen a lot of things in my career.  From a bride and groom’s elopement on a frozen lake in Whistler, to a white sand ceremony on a deserted island in the British Virgin Islands... from vows exchanged in a tiny church with stain-glass windows, to a ceremony in a historic 300 year old cathedral in Washington, D.C., to a wedding performed by the cranky old mayor in the town hall on the romantic island of Capri, to a ceremony in the snow-capped mountains of Colorado.

Each of those weddings was unique just as every couple was unique. Regardless of the location or the people involved, the purpose remains the same. The bride and groom choose a special place to profess their love and commitment to each other for the rest of their lives. Then they celebrate this wonderful occasion surrounded by their beloved family and friends.

The fact that my clients ask me to document this day for them is always an honour, to follow them around with my camera on one of the most important days of their life and capture all of the beautiful moments as the day unfolds. It is a unique and wonderful job and one that I adore. 

I am a people person and I love genuine emotion, from the look of pride on her Mother’s face as a bride puts on her gown, to the look of love in her groom’s eyes as he watches her walk down the aisle towards him... I live to document as many of these authentic moments as I can for my couples.

After photographing literally hundreds of weddings over the past 17 years, I feel very fortunate to say, I still love my job. There’s an intimacy and a trust which comes along with taking someone’s photo, and once that trust is earned and accepted, I am welcomed in to a very special place. To spend the day by the bride’s side is always an adventure, I laugh with her and cry with her and when we hug at the end of the night, I know its been a day well spent.

When I’m not shooting weddings, you will find me hanging out with my wonderful husband, our beautiful daughter and our two awesome dogs, Chloe and Finn… preferably on a beach somewhere.  Maybe even with my camera.